"Anxious people can have a hard time staying motivated, period, because their intense focus on their worries distracts them from their goals"

—Winifred Gallagher (via onlinecounsellingcollege)



I found this really cool new website called you.regettingold.com that brings on more existential crisis and gives you totally cool information.

There’s a lot more information there I didn’t post, but try it out for yourself!





The last one “compared to others” really hits hard, it shows you how many people born on your birthday are still alive vs. how many died.

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tbh I just respond to every fb conversation with the nerdy cactus sticker

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"What is that, some kind of stone, like a heating stone? An odd pattern, it kind of looks like—


is that a goddamn condom full of spaghetti

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I was at a horse race yesterday when some kid lost his balloon…

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friendzoning a boy like


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The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this project is something I’ll never be able to prove, but I’m convinced to my core: The lack of such a database is intentional. No government—not the federal government, and not the thousands of municipalities that give their police forces license to use deadly force—wants you to know how many people it kills and why.

It’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence. What evidence? In attempting to collect this information, I was lied to and delayed by the FBI, even when I was only trying to find out the addresses of police departments to make public records requests. The government collects millions of bits of data annually about law enforcement in its Uniform Crime Report, but it doesn’t collect information about the most consequential act a law enforcer can do.

I’ve been lied to and delayed by state, county and local law enforcement agencies—almost every time. They’ve blatantly broken public records laws, and then thumbed their authoritarian noses at the temerity of a citizen asking for information that might embarrass the agency. And these are the people in charge of enforcing the law.


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"(6) Dudes would probably brag about it. “Bro, my flow was so heavy today, I had to use three pads."

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of course it was, why would he actually sing about real dogs and why they got out

No it isn’t. It’s actually talking about the men who predate upon women in clubs, calling them dogs, not ‘ugly women’. Just look at the lyrics:

And tell the fellas stop the name callin
Yepee ah yo
Then them girls respond to the call
I hear a woman shout out
Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof

Or if that isn’t clear enough for you that it’s women quite clearly calling the men dogs then read this next bit:

Get back gruffy, mash scruffy
Get back you flea infested mongrel
Now I tell meh self dem man go get angry
Ah yepee ah yo
To hear them girls calling them canine

It’s saying that men who attack women for being ‘ugly’ or refuse to leave them alone are worse than stray mongrels! It plainly points out that women do not want or appreciate the attention and so taunt them with the verse of ‘who let the dogs out’ because they are both unable to control themselves and vile little creatures. Learn to do some fucking research.

It’s about how cat calling guys are awful.

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Gandhi has been historically the most aggressive character in Civilization due to an original bug in the first game that caused him to go all-out once he reaches democracy. They just kept the thing going ever since.

To further explain this bug, because I was chatting with mothmonarch about Civilization and other strategy games last night and I never got around to explaining this fully, but I love this story:

Gandhi’s AI in the original game had its aggression set to the absolute minimum (0 on a scale of 0 to 10, I believe, I may have this wrong but the basic idea I’m about to explain is accurate, as far as I can tell). Adopting democracy lowers an AI civ’s aggression by 2 points, so when someone who is fully peaceful loses two points of aggression, they should still be nice and polite, right?

Except this is an old DOS game, and so computer math is in place. What actually happened was that Gandhi’s aggression level ticked backwards two steps, from 0 to 255On a scale of 0 to 10, Gandhi is now 255 points of pure nuclear rage.

And that’s the story as I recall it, but again I may have gotten some details wrong, so feel free to correct me! After that, as the original poster said, the devs loved the bug so much that they just kept it in as a running joke!

On a scale of 0 to 10, Gandhi is now 255 points of pure nuclear rage.”

I about pissed myself laughing at this.

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i hate how smoking is only attractive in theory like u see a picture of someone smoking and ur like damn but when ur actually in a room with someone smoking its like no im leaving

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